Real Life Success Stories From People Using Hoodoba® Hoodia Gordonii Pills

Roger, Albany, New York
"It wasn't for lack of trying, but all my life I was known as the 'Fat Boy'. Truth is, I tried just about every diet pill, including those prescribed by my doctor without losing any real weight. So naturally, when I heard about this new all-natural "miracle" pill that has no side effects I almost passed on it. Thank goodness I didn't because look at me now! I lost over 60 lbs using the Hoodoba® Hoodia gordonii pills. Thanks, Roger."
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Stephanie, Peoria, IL
"Of all the diet pills I've tried, natural and otherwise there is nothing that comes even close. I can surely say Hoodoba® diet pill is my savior. I lost 44 pounds in 10 weeks flat. I have just one question. I have just one question. Why weren't these pills made available sooner?

P.S. The news spread like wild fire through my office. My friends are all trying it now (even some who have little or no weight to lose). We're very happy with this product. It's going to be BIG hit! Take a look at Stephanie now!"

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Kimberly, Plymouth, England
After I saw how well the Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia diet pills succeded in curbing my appetite, I decided to go all out with the Hoodoba® Combo Pack. I was so happy to see that it finally did the trick for me -- I lost 37 pounds in all... and it happened very quickly. You folks definitely know what you're doing. My husband and my family are overjoyed because they knew how badly I wanted to regain my athletic look. We're sending our heartfelt thanks and my photos because we believe in helping others and if they help even one person succeed it will be well worth it." See Kimberly Now!

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Elaine, Vancouver, Canada
"Just wanted to share with everyone how I lost I lost over 100 pounds in just 6 months. That's right, for all you skeptics (I know because I was one for a long time), this is not a typo, 110 lbs to be exact using Hoodoba® hoodia diet pills. they worked like a charm for me... and if they worked for me they will work for anyone because I'm was alway a serious eater!! Anyways, I think it deserves to be made known because in my opinion there is nothing better!" See Elaine!

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Michael, San Antonio, TX
"I found the silver bullet I've been looking for. These hoodia diet pills took away my desire for the foods I crave along with 35 stubborn pounds I could never lose. The source of the energy and vigor I felt remains a mystery... Even now, some eight and half weeks later I still can't believe how easy it was to do. It seemed I was dreaming the "impossible dream". The results came quicker than I ever expected. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for making my dream come through -- finally. My wife included the pictures." See Michael Now!

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Tracy, Butte, MT
"This thing has totally killed my appetite. I used to be a food fanatic but with these new Hoodoba® hoodia diet pills I've lost 42 pounds without missing the goodies I used to die for. I feel myself strong, energetic and confident.

P.S. The best part is I didn't have to drive myself crazy with exercise to lose the weight. I just had to remind myself not to take it too much as I wouldn't eat or be hungry!" See Tracy!"

Resuts not typical - results may vary.

Charlene, Bridgeport, CT
"It is hard to start believing in yourself again when you look in the mirror and see a blimp. I was embarrassed about it, that is the truth. Too much "comfort food," too little discipline, and very little exercise had taken its toll. I felt there was no point in trying to lose so much weight. It just seemed too monumental. I felt waves of exhaustion just thinking about it. Then came the new Hoodoba® diet pill which changed EVERYTHING! In less than 5 months I dropped a whopping 84 pounds. Now, I'm back to my poster girl self, life is exciting and everything is GREAT! My husband is dismayed by my newly sculpted bod. He says externally I'm a whole new woman. Many thanks. Hoodoba® worked where nothing else could!" See Charlene Now!

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Gail, Vancouver, Canada
"I had trouble getting on the diet wagon and had fallen into an apathetic, depressed fat lady mindset. With these Hoodoba® hoodia diet pills I can face the sea of junk food without caving in... I have become the master of my destiny . Special thanks must go to the maker of this most unusual diet pill. Without its help, I would be still be in dumps getting worse as each day goes by. This pill is simply marvelous!" See Gail Now!

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Yvonne, Virginia Beach, VA
"I gained almost 50 pounds in the last three years despite my efforts to lose weight. I exercise most days and I tried to watch what I eat, I once joined weight watchers and gained weight on the program, I had tried medications and talking to my Doctor, nothing seemed to be of help. At the end of the day after I get home I was ready to eat the world. I have not lasted more than a few days on a diet during this last year. Then a friend pleaded with me to try the new Hoodoba® diet pills. To my amazement they actually worked! It was a magnificent deception. They literally fooled my stomach into thinking it was full. Taking Hoodoba® I didn't have to watch what I eat because I had no desire to eat. It took just 3 month to lose all the weight I had gained in 3 years. Thank you so much. Hoodoba® has given me a new perspective on life! Here are my photos." See Yvonne Now!

Resuts not typical - results may vary.

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Real Life Hoodia Stories


Results not typical -
results may vary   

Results not typical -
results may vary   

Results not typical -
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This could be you!

Results not typical -
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The first folks to have their lives changed by Hoodoba.

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Hoodoba® Hoodia Gordonii weight loss products are made by the original Hoodia brand that brought Hoodia Gordonii to America and was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

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Hooboba® Hoodia Diet Pills and Liquid Hoodia Extract are manufactured in the USA under strict FDA guidelines.

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The Heart of the Matter

Worldwide fascination with hoodia has bred strong curiosity within the mainstream, but…do most people know what real hoodia is? What is the difference between traditional Hoodia gordonii, the many cheap knock-offs and weak hoodia products that have arrived on the scene? There is some misunderstanding, and the need exists for clarity in defining authentic hoodia from the fakes and weaker adulterated versions.

People are beginning to realize that in order to obtain the desired results, concocted credentials and superficial skimming won’t stand up to scrutiny.

What guidelines should we use to distinguish hoodia that works from shams?

First, do not rely entirely on C.I.T.E.S as proof of authenticity (one will be included with your order if requested). Why? Even easier than in the "offline-world", documents in cyberspace can be easily manipulated (not merely whited out) to appear quite convincing to the onlooker.

Moreover, even if the C.I.T.E.S. is real, it doesn't tell you how much, if any, of the hoodia actually made it into the finished product.

TRUTH IS, to be 100% certain what you have is the true full strength South African hoodia there is only one thing you need to know -- companies selling real hoodia have nothing to hide and are not afraid to subject their products to invariable scrutiny and independent lab testing.

ORIGINAL Hoodia Brand

HOODOBA was the first brand to bring 100% pure Hoodia diet pills to the United States. Its novelty and promise of dieting “cures” created a sensational wave that eventually caught the attention of CBS 60 Minutes News which subsequently purchased it and featured it along with a full-blown story on the hoodia cactus plant from which it is made.

Today, HOODOBA remains the brand with the unique distinction for not only being first, but also for opening the doors to Alkemist Pharmaceutical (the most qualified independent lab in the country) to:

• Routinely purchase and randomly test our products without our knowledge.
• Report back to the public their latest findings, regardless of results. (click to see the latest findings)

By so doing we've removed all ifs, ands, and buts; And, have proven to the world that unlike the newcomers, we have nothing to hide.

That is why it is widely recognized that when you purchase HOODOBA® you can rest assured knowing that what is on the label is actually in the bottle.

Now with the proper information and a little discernment you CAN and WILL have the hoodia brand that is truly capable of getting the job done!

Security / Privacy Assurance values and respects your privacy. All of your information is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the industry's best technology used to scramble and encrypt all personal information including names, addresses, and credit card numbers.

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Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of Hoodoba Diet Pills that we offer a risk-free Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! If you are not 100% happy with your results, simply return 1 used bottle along with any other unopened bottles for a full refund (Less Shipping & Handling). With our no risk guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Hoodoba Ultimate Combo Kit
hoodoba ultimate combo

Together, these three incredible components provide the Speed, Advantage, and Effectiveness you won't find with any competing supplements!
Hoodoba Pure Hoodia 750MG
hoodoba pure

If you're constantly hungry, even when you're not 'watching what you eat', the 750 mg will give you the confidence you need to safely make it between meals and be satisfied with smaller portions.
Hoodoba Pure Hoodia 400MG
hoodoba pure

Designed for light to normal appetites, Hoodoba Pure 400 mg capsules helps you turn your focus away from hunger and concentrate on steady improvement toward your weight loss goals.
Hoodoba Hi-Potency Elixir
hoodoba liquid

When 'stealth hunger' is a problem - especially if you need to halt sudden, inconvenient cravings before bedtime or at work - fast-acting Hoodoba 500mg Hi Potency Elixir is your answer. Especially effective in helping you resist junk food cravings.
Hoodoba Hunger Block Plus
hoodoba hunger block plus

Hoodoba Hunger Block Plus contains the same pure P57-active Hoodia gordonii found in all SHC Hoodoba Hoodia products with a proprietary blend of 10 special ingredients to burn body fat and keep your metabolism elevated for maximum thermogenic effect.